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We dont have 125 diferent strains from Unknown-or-legendary in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

AK420 stock:Available
Alaskan Thunder stock:Available
Alien Technology stock:Available
Appalachia stock:Available
B3n7 stock:Available
Banana Kush stock:Available
BC Coastal Haze stock:Available
BC Kush stock:Available
BC Skunk stock:Available
Big Sur Holy Weed stock:Available
Black Cherry Soda stock:Available
Black Rose stock:Available
Black Russian stock:Available
Black Spice stock:Available
Blue Widow stock:Available
Bomb stock:Available
Bubblegum stock:Available
C5 Haze stock:Available
Cali Sour D stock:Available
California Haze stock:Available
California Sour stock:Available
Captain Krypt OG stock:Available
Champagne stock:Available
Cheeseboy stock:Available
Chem Daze stock:Available
ChemD stock:Available
Chemdog dd stock:Available
Chemdog Haze stock:Available
Cherry AK47 stock:Available
Cherry Assassin stock:Available
Chrome Diesel stock:Available
Colorado Green Bud stock:Available
Dabney Blue stock:Available
Dojaberry stock:Available
Double Dawg stock:Available
Double G stock:Available
Early Bud Bonsai stock:Available
Early Gold stock:Available
El Jefe stock:Available
Empress Kush stock:Available
ES stock:Available
ESB stock:Available
F1 Durban stock:Available
Fig Skunk stock:Available
Fizz stock:Available
Free Leonard stock:Available
Fruit Loop Haze stock:Available
Funk #1 stock:Available
Gajah stock:Available
Grand Daddy Purple stock:Available
Guerilla Gold stock:Available
Guerilla Gold #2 stock:Available
Gum13 stock:Available
Hawgsbreath stock:Available
Hells Angel OG stock:Available
Island Sweet Skunk stock:Available
Jamaica/Panama stock:Available
Killer New Haven stock:Available
King stock:Available
Las Vegas Lemon Skunk stock:Available
Lavender Am. Core stock:Available
Lemon Larry stock:Available
Lemon Swiss stock:Available
Leopard Kush stock:Available
M8 Blue stock:Available
Manitoba Madness stock:Available
Matanuska Thunderfuck stock:Available
Mazar Blue Calp stock:Available
Medicine Woman stock:Available
Mexican Michoacan stock:Available
Michigan Skunk stock:Available
Mighty Chemo Widow stock:Available
Morango stock:Available
Mullumbimby Madness Haze stock:Available
Nepali OG stock:Available
New Citral City stock:Available
NL/Leopard Kush x Pure Kush stock:Available
Obama Kush stock:Available
Oldtimers Haze stock:Available
Oltimers Mango Haze stock:Available
Orange Dream stock:Available
Orange Spice stock:Available
P50 stock:Available
Patrick Swazi stock:Available
Petrol OG stock:Available
Pineapple Kush stock:Available
Pineapple Thai stock:Available
Pink Champagne stock:Available
Platinum Banana OG Kush stock:Available
Platinum Bubba stock:Available
Pure Kush stock:Available
Purple Chem stock:Available
Purple Haze stock:Available
Purple Power stock:Available
Purple Rhino stock:Available
Purple Swiss stock:Available
Raspberry Kush stock:Available
Recovery Dame Blanche stock:Available
Regulator OG stock:Available
Royal Dane stock:Available
Silver Spice stock:Available
SMOG stock:Available
Sonoma Black Kush stock:Available
Sour Lemon Larry stock:Available
SR-71 PK stock:Available
Stardawg stock:Available
Stella Blue stock:Available
Strawberry Fields stock:Available
Super Tsunami stock:Available
Sweet Irish Kush stock:Available
Swiss Miss stock:Available
Talk of Kabul stock:Available
Temple stock:Available
The Grinch stock:Available
Tres Dawg stock:Available
True OG stock:Available
Twisted Purple OG Kush stock:Available
UK08 stock:Available
West Coast Dog stock:Available
White Moonshine stock:Available
XJ-13 stock:Available